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The Edington Local Development Plan

In 2005 a local development plan for Edington was published, this has now become out of date and some of the issues identified then have either been addressed or become less relevant to the village and its residents.

The Edington Parish Council are proposing to start the process of producing a new Local Development Plan for the village and as part of the process we will also produce a Village Neighbourhood Plan.

What is a Local Development Plan?
A local development plan(LDP) will give everyone associated with the village an opportunity to have their say in how they would like the village to look, be a place of residence and for some a place of work in the next 10 to 15 years. For more information on the Local Development Plan click on this link.

Edington 2030 a vision for the future.

How will the plan be produced?
The local development plan will be produced by the villagers working with the Parish Council and Wiltshire Council.
What is a Local Neighbourhood Plan?
A local neighbourhood plan(LNP) is a statutory planning document that will ensure that the wishes of the village in regards to planning and development issues are taken into consideration whenever a planning application is made. For more information on Local Neighbourhood Plans click on this link.