The Edington Neighbourhood Plan 2019

What is a neighbourhood plan?
A neighbourhood plan is an opportunity for the village to place into statute their desires for the future land use within the designated area.
What is the neighbourhood plan process?
The neighbourhood plan will come from the results of the survey carried out for the Local Development Plan. Although there is no set format for the production of NP the end result must follow a set format through to the final document. A brief outline of the process can be seen below.
Continuing forward from the successful publication of the <strong>Edington Parish Development Plan to 2030. (A Vision for the Future)</strong>
Back in 2016 Edington decided to start the process to develop a Neighbourhood Plan which will provide a legal basis for residents to determine the future for our community. Where and how we want to develop, and what we don’t. The process includes the development of the Draft Plan which will include Business/Employment, Environment/Footpaths, Housing, Facilities/Amenities, Highways/Traffic. The Plan will be submitted to Wiltshire Council and then to an Independent Inspector. After any amendments, which may be required, the Plan is submitted for acceptance by the village. If it is approved by a majority of residents, the Neighbourhood Plan gains legal force and must be reflected in any future planning decisions that affect our community.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for us to take control over development in our village and we urge all residents to participate in the discussions.  You need make your voice heard. A Steering Group have been set up to consider various aspect and prepare the draft Neighbourhood Plan on behalf of the Parish Council.

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.